Forum Web App - AWS Amplify

Forum Web App - AWS Amplify

Simple App? Don't worry!

Will always work on progress and keep updated! :D



Want to try?

You can try to register. I don't limit the registration, feel free to test.


I do coding as my hobby. I really love to try and use AWS Services since most of the services are customer friendly. I want to build a forum app to collaborate with excellent software engineers or developers and I like how they post some articles to give some best practices.

I just want to connect with each other and share as caring.

How I Built This?

Install the CLI & Setup Your AWS Account

npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli

More information

Generate the UI Project

npx create-react-app myforumamplify

Generate Backend Amplify Configuration & Install Amplify Library


Setup Authentication in AWS Amplify Studio

activate password


Mostly, I wrote the front-end part since the back-end part is quite handy and easy to use, and can be generated!