Why should we read Azure Security?

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Why should we read Azure Security?

Let's read the Azure Security Book!

During my last two weeks, I read the Azure Security MEAP version. The Azure Security book is authored by Bojan Magusic. From the Manning page, Bojan Magusic is a Program Manager with Microsoft on the Cloud Security Customer Experience Engineering Team. My first impression reading this book is that book explains clearly each security aspect that we need to be considered when building and securing Azure applications. Although the main page says, "For software and security engineers", I think this book is beginners friendly because it provides illustration which helps me to understand the concepts.

More information about MEAP. Please check here.

Reading Azure Security using liveBook in Manning

I'm choosing to read in liveBook because the liveBook gives me a great reading experience. Anyway, it also provides other formats, such as pdf, epub, and Kindle if you prefer using offline versions. You don't need to worry about the updated versions. You can download the newest version whenever getting updates.

The liveBook allows you to highlight, bookmark, take notes, create discussion, and give feedback about the book content. Those features give you the same experiences when you read on a PDF reader, but it might be better than a PDF reader.

What is the Azure Security?

I am amazed when reading this book, Azure Security. I thought I would be puzzled by technical things and security concepts. But I was wrong! The book gives good illustrations of security concepts. However, it's also balanced between concepts and technical aspects. I can follow the detailed steps and do some hands-on following the books.

This book, Azure Security, has eleven chapters (when I'm writing this post, the book has nine chapters). Each chapter provides a good structure and is well explained. This book has three parts. The first part will give us the fundamental concepts of Azure security. The second part will take us deep into each security aspect of Azure resources. Lastly, we can get more ideas on how to strengthen the security of Azure applications.

Why do I like the Azure Security?

I get some benefits from the Azure Security books. Those benefits are:

  1. Azure security aspects in the book are up to date. I like how the books bring us the best concepts and provide the newest product knowledge.

  2. Providing good structures and clear steps for each hands-on to secure the Azure resources.

  3. Easy to read the explanation for complex concepts. Well explained with illustrations that help us to understand.

  4. I love section 4, which covers Azure App Service and Kubernetes, which I use daily. I also love section 5, which covers encryption, great to use in our Azure applications.

Why should you read Azure Security?

I hope you also get the benefits same as me. You can use the liveBook or the offline version like pdf. The completeness of this book will give you a great experience for securing your Azure resources. I'm looking forward to your excitement about this book.

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